I am currently a student at UC Berkeley, studying electrical engineering and computer science. I'm interested in virtual reality.

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My Projects

Amber - Github

A framework for making personal assistants.

VR Bot - YouTube

A resource-managing assistant for Virtual Reality at Berkeley.

LoL Esports Timeline - Pebble Time

View scores and results for professional League of Legends matches.

MobileNexus - iOS + Android + Web

Check stats for your current game of League of Legends right from a widget!

Esc^3 - Android

A virtual reality endless runner made for Google Cardboard.

Progress - BitBucket

A Risk-like strategy game.

Word Thief - Web

A competitive word-based MMO.

Quizlet for Pebble - Pebble

A Quizlet client for the Pebble Smartwatch.

Cave Raider - BitBucket

A rogue-like game with blocks.

The Daring Stickman - iOS + Android

Train to become an employee of a leading energy company!

Garden - Unity Web Player

A gardening simulation in space!

The Stop It Campaign

An anti-bullying website.


An HTML5 space shooter with user-created levels.

Coasterilla - iOS

Details for theme parks with wait times! Contains videos for each ride!